Stan Shelley of Shelley's Jewelry on Main Street chose STAND T.A.L.L. as the beneficiary of the Bear his company donated, designed and painted.

The Shelley team chose to do a "Mona Lisa Bear" and it's quite striking. We learned that in the past, bears with Law Enforcement themes or very limited appeal historically did not do well at auction.

I think that a lot of people in our community will find this "Mona Lisa Bear" to be very attractive and appealing.

Ours and all the Bears will be on display on Main Street, and if it turns out that ours draws a lot of attention between now and the October "Bear auction," we could receive a very nice financial windfall from the sale of our "Mona Lisa Bear."

If you're on Main Street in Hendersonville, stop by Shelley's Jewelry and just say thanks for their hard work and for "bearing" all the costs associated with completing the "Mona Lisa Bear" and making us their beneficiary for this year's BearFootin' event.