We had a wonderful turnout at our Apple Festival booth over the Labor Day weekend and attracted a lot of attention! It's nice to get the word out in our community about our important cause.

The raffle went well and all the money we raised will be used for the purchase and training of the new K-9 for the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered with us or helped in any way!

View of or K 9 Fundraising Booth at the Apple Festival


Positive interactions are what we strive for at the Club, and these interactions have recently included
local law enforcement officers. Since April of 2018, the new "Kids & Cops" program has built positive relationships
between members and officers and promoted fun and playful interactions.

Thanks to the Stand T.A.L.L. (Thank A Local Lawman) Foundation, several days a week, uniformed,
off-duty police officers are on campus at the Club. In addition to enhancing campus security, this
partnership provides Club youth with informal opportunities to get to know officers and engage
with them through good, old-fashioned play. "The kids are our most precious resource, and we"re
hoping that the program will help change attitudes. That is such a big, big thing for us,"
Stand TALL's Ron Kauffman said.

Many members have enjoyed these points of contact and say about the officers things like, "They are so nice and helpful, and they are great at sports." Others enjoy simple everyday connections like sharing snacks. One member in particular recently remarked that having officers here have inspired him about his future. "They made me want to be a policeman or fireman when I grow up!"



Stand T.A.L.L. recently bought lunch for the staff at Boys & Girls Club and also donated $200 to the Youth of the Month program. We received these nice notes back, explaining how our donation will be used. We appreciate the Boys & Girls Club and all they do for our community!

STAND T.A.L.L. Thank A Local Lawman presented the Law Enforcement Division at Blue Ridge Community College with a $1000.00 donation to be used to help pay tuition costs for one or more incoming students selected by the Division’s team that oversees their 16-week Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) class. (Photo attached below)

According to Ron Kauffman, President of STAND T.A.L.L., “This is our second year as donors to the Law Enforcement Division for the benefit of students seeking to enter their BLET program.

Stan Shelley of Shelley's Jewelry on Main Street chose STAND T.A.L.L. as the beneficiary of the Bear his company donated, designed and painted.

The Shelley team chose to do a "Mona Lisa Bear" and it's quite striking. We learned that in the past, bears with Law Enforcement themes or very limited appeal historically did not do well at auction.

I think that a lot of people in our community will find this "Mona Lisa Bear" to be very attractive and appealing.