STAND T.A.L.L. Thank A Local Lawman presented the Law Enforcement Division at Blue Ridge Community College with a $1000.00 donation to be used to help pay tuition costs for one or more incoming students selected by the Division’s team that oversees their 16-week Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) class. (Photo attached below)

According to Ron Kauffman, President of STAND T.A.L.L., “This is our second year as donors to the Law Enforcement Division for the benefit of students seeking to enter their BLET program.

Stan Shelley of Shelley's Jewelry on Main Street chose STAND T.A.L.L. as the beneficiary of the Bear his company donated, designed and painted.

The Shelley team chose to do a "Mona Lisa Bear" and it's quite striking. We learned that in the past, bears with Law Enforcement themes or very limited appeal historically did not do well at auction.

I think that a lot of people in our community will find this "Mona Lisa Bear" to be very attractive and appealing.

Uniformed, off-duty police officers are now at the Boys & Girls Club each day to greet children as they arrive on buses. Their duty — provide security, build relationships and lend a helping hand, whether it be with personal problems or math homework.

Inside the club, police officers, in addition to enhancing security, will establish better relationships with students by helping with school work, listening to concerns, sharing in friendly conversations and, when asked, offering solutions to problems some may be facing.

STAND T.A.L.L. recognizes that the problems associated with prescription drugs, particularly opioids, has directly and indirectly impacted many members of our community. Not only has drug use increased, but so too has local area crime. Drugs have ruined careers, destroyed families, devastated personal finances and at its worst taken lives. In an effort to find a way to get involved in supporting local law enforcement in their fight to address the addiction problem, we asked the Laurel Park Police Department if there was some way we could be of assistance.

The K-9 unit of the Hendersonville Police Department decided to retire Bak, a 10-year veteran and member of their highly trained team.  K-9 handler, Officer Pete Laite approached STAND T.A.L.L. for possible help in acquiring their next K-9.  Previously, funds had been raised to provide the HPD K-9s with bulletproof vests. Knowing this, Officer Laite requested that those funds be applied instead to pay $3000 for a 16-week/600 hour K-9 training course that would assist HPD training and deploying a new dog.

The STAND T.A.L.L. Board agreed that if the HPD purchased a new dog, the funds could be applied to the costs for the advanced K-9 certification training. Officer Laite completed the multi-day evaluation and subsequent purchase of Sunny, a 2-year old Belgian Malinois.  The funds for the advanced training were paid in full allowing Officer Laite and Sunny to enroll in the training course conducted by NAPWDA Master Trainer Doug Wannemacher, through the Greenville, SC County Sheriff’s Office.