On September 26, 2019 STAND T.A.L.L. along with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office held the
official grand opening of the new K-9 Agility Training Park. The funding for the materials to build the
park was achieved through donations raised by STAND T.A.L.L. , and the K-9 Agility Training Park
was constructed as a work project by the students of North Henderson High School's carpentry class.

Previously, training for the K-9s was done at various city and county locations with no permanent
struCture or area dedicated or designed to be used for the specific types of training these amazing
multi-purpose K-9s and their handlers need and wanted.

According to STAND T.A.L.L. president, Ron Kauffman·, "Months ago, our VP, Sharon Hanson asked
Detective Robert Pace of HCSO what he thought would be most helpful to the K-9 Corp. K-9 handler
Pace said that it would be great if they had a dedicated agility training park. Ms. Hanson saw an
opportunity to satisfy a need within the Sheriff's K-9 Corp and the idea was discussed with the HCSO
leadership. While they initially had not decided on a location, the project was deemed to be
worthwhile and important, so we got to work. Through some very generous donors of both dollars and
in-kind building materials, we were able to fully fund this unique K-9 train ing facility ."

In addition to revealing the new K-9 Agility Training Park, which will be made available to the HPD
and other department K-9 units, the Henderson County Sheriff's Office will be presented with a
$10,000.00 donation from STAND T.A.L.L. for the purchase and training of a new multi-purpose K-9
to join the Henderson County Sheriff's Office beloved K-9 team.

If the public would like to see the beautiful plaque that was presented to the HCSO with the names of
major donors to the K-9 Agility Park, it is on permanent display in the entry hall of the Sheriff's
Department at 100 Grove Street.
Sheriff Lowell Griffin said, "We appreciate the tremendous and ongoing support the HSCO has
received over the past years from STAND T.A.L.L. This new facility and the soon to be acquired new
K-9 will be a lasting tribute to their hard work and support. Today we're happy and proud to show
today's attendees some of the capabilities of our dogs ·when they are in the field , and how this new
facil ity will be utilized to maintain and enhance their future training."