STAND T.A.L.L. Brings “Books & Badges” Program to Hands On! Children’s Museum

STAND T.A.L.L. as part of its “Kids & Cops” program is pleased to announce a collaborative program with its newest partner, Hands On! Children’s Museum. This new program, “Books & Badges” began this week with the appearance of Laurel Park police officer Kayla Maybin and HCSO Deputy Jon Brezillac with his bloodhound Echo as part of the show & tell program. The attendees were pre-K children and their parents.

“Books & Badges” is a twice monthly program for Pre-K children and young K-6th grade school children who attend Hands On! The Tuesday Pre-K programs are designed to promote reading and respect for police using age appropriate detective and mystery stories that teach children about what law enforcement does. The concept includes having sessions where the children read the books with a uniformed, off duty police officer, and then do a creative craft like drawing, painting or building with Legos demonstrating the central theme from the day’s storybook reading. The program is underwritten by a grant provided by STAND T.A.L.L. and pays the cost of all off-duty police officers and the special books which were presented to Hands On!

The monthly Saturday programs for school age children include topics such as: Stranger Danger, Child Safety, and Fingerprinting. It will also offer the children a chance to see the inside of a police patrol car, learn what the officers carry on their utility belts, and a demonstration of the use of both the police department bloodhounds and K-9 dogs.

According to Ron Kauffman, president of STAND T.A.L.L., “After talking with the Museum’s Executive Director, Joseph Knight, we both agreed that today’s children can benefit from reading aloud as well as early interactions with our local law enforcement. Doing so will create better readers and build an atmosphere of trust and respect between the children who may have no idea about what police do.”

Joseph Knight added his thoughts saying, “We’ve been looking for a solid partner to work with us to provide both a unique learning experience for our existing members, as well as a way to broaden our outreach into the community. This “Books & Badges” program is an innovative concept that may help us increase our participating audience, especially in light of the planned expansion of our current facility’s space and offerings.”

The funding for the “Books & Badges” program is provided solely by STAND T.A.L.L. and is entirely dependent upon donations and grants. Donations for both the “Kids & Cops” and “Books & Badges” programs are needed.